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  • RBS A 150

    RBS A 150 is a non-foaming product and does not contains phosphates that are usually undesirable. It was specially designed for cleaning (manual, mechanical or in ultrasonic baths) glassware and laboratory equipment. RBS A 150 is easily and totally eliminated without leaving any traces or invisible film that may interfere with further analysis.

  • RBS A 155

    Thanks to its high content in active alkaline elements and its non-foaming property, RBS A 155 perfectly suits the efficient mechanical cleaning of laboratory glassware and equipment. It can be used for cleaning items made of stainless steel, glass, plastic … and allows total removal of soils such as fats, oils, chemical solutions, blood and distillation residues … RBS A 155 is chlorine and phosphate free.

  • RBS A 285 SOLID pF

    RBS A 285 SOLID pF has been especially developed for the mechanical cleaning and degreasing of glassware and laboratory equipment. Its composition makes it particularly efficient in difficult conditions even at low concentrations. It perfectly removes organic and mineral residues, greases, oils, chemical solutions, distillation residues … RBS A 285 SOLID pF does not contain phosphates that would interfere with certain types of analysis (e.g. water and phosphates) or that would pollute the environment.

  • RBS A 375

    RBS A 375 is used in the first rinsing cycle after the alkaline washing with RBS A 155 (liquid), RBS 50 pF (liquid) or RBS A 285 SOLID pF (powder). RBS A 375 allows the neutralization and the removal of residual traces of carbonates, hydroxides and calcareous elements on the cleaned items and on the internal components of the washing machine. RBS A 375 can also be used during the pre-wash cycle when glassware and material to be cleaned are soiled with mineral residues. It does not contain surfactants or phosphorus that may interfere with certain types of analysis (e.g. water and phosphates) or pollutes the environment.

  • RBS T 115

    Thanks to its high emulsifying and wetting power, RBS T115 provides the good detergency needed for the cleaning baths. It is recommended for efficient cleaning of glassware and equipment made of stainless steel, plastic, porcelain, quartz and ceramic. It allows the removal of organic and inorganic residues, greases, oils, distillation residues, proteins, biological residues …

    The phosphates-free formula of RBS T 115 is particularly suitable for use in analytical laboratories where the presence of interfering traces of phosphorus is not desired. It decreases the water hardness and prevents calcareous deposits in cleaning baths.

  • RBS T 230

    Thanks to its high content in active ingredients and its neutral pH, RBS T 230 is the ideal product for cleaning sensitive glassware and materials to bases or acids. It presents excellent compatibility with most materials.
    At the recommended working concentration, RBS T 230 is neither corrosive, nor irritating, nor toxic for both the cleaned items and user.